Cartwheel-A-Thon for Lily

Lily, a 2-year old resilient, happy, and Tumble-Bee loving Rockland County girl, is courageously battling Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG), a rare and aggressive pediatric brain cancer. Lily attends classes at Tumble-Bee, and her family is very much a part of the Tumble-Bee family. We are coming together to support our family member in this difficult time. Although Lily has been given 6-9 months to live, in the midst of this painful reality, she continues to defy expectations with her laughter and resilience that shine brighter than her dark prognosis. The financial burden of medical treatments, experimental therapies, and, unfortunately, end of life care is overwhelming for Lily’s family. Thank you for opening your hearts to Lily’s story, and for standing with Lily’s family as they fight against DIPG refusing to accept its grim prognosis. They are not alone!

Tumble-Bee will be hosting a cartwheel-a-thon fundraiser for Lily and her family. ALL PROCEEDS RAISED WILL GO DIRECTLY TO LILY’S FAMILY. The cartwheel-a-thon is open to all ages and abilities – YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE ABLE TO DO A CARTWHEEL TO PARTICIPATE AND HELP LILY! Cartwheel drills, lead-ups, attempts, etc. all count towards the goal of helping Lily!

The cartwheel-a-thon will take place on Wednesday, December 27th from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm, and Thursday, December 28th from 1:00 pm – 8:00pm.  PARTICIPANTS MUST PRE-REGISTER ONLINE!

Registration will be available in hour blocks starting at the hour. There will be a limited number of participants allowed to register per hour. All ages and abilities are welcome and encouraged – equipment will be set up to allow for those who cannot do a cartwheel to complete cartwheel drills and/or lead-ups that count toward completed cartwheels!

To register, see the link below, and click on the day/time you would like to attend. Check back often for updates!


– If you are a Tumble-Bee Member (or have attended any
event, party, class, etc at Tumble-Bee), the event registration, sponsor
registration, and T-Shirt sales can be found in your parent portal.  Log
in on the app or on the Tumble-Bee website, and search for an
“Event”.  All of these events begin with the name
“Cartwheel-A-Thon for Lily”.

If you do not have a parent portal:

Event Registration Link:

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Sponsor Registration Form (You can be a “Mystery
Sponsor” and sponsor someone you do not know – we will connect your
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How does it work?

The cartwheel-a-thon will take place on December 27th from 10-12 & 1-6, and December 28th from 1-8.  Registration will be available in one hour blocks on the hour.  We will set up cartwheel stations around the beam and floor sections of the gym, and will have people counting and recording the number of cartwheels.  There will also be other activities set up for more of a “Free play” type situation!

There are a limited number of spaces available each hour.  Parents – cartwheel alongside your kids (everyone must be registered in order to participate)!

Once a participant registers to be a part of this event, that participant should ask others to sponsor him or her.  Sponsor pledges can be made per cartwheel, or a flat amount can be pledged.  You can sponsor yourself!  You can be a “mystery sponsor” and we will connect your donation with someone in need of a sponsor!  There is also an opportunity to purchase event t-shirts.  

At the event, we will have FACE PAINTING, A SILENT AUCTION, T-SHIRT SALES, COOKIE SALES, and MORE!  Additionally, we are working with businesses that are close by, and if people visit the business during the event and tell the business you are there for Lily, a portion of proceeds will go to Lily.

There are certain time slots that will have characters to take pictures with as well! Manda’s Enchanted Events will be here at the gym on Wednesday from 10-12am for pictures with some characters!! They will be here on Thursday as well from 4-6pm