Tuition is due on September 1st for the Fall semester and January 1st for the Spring semester. We have a one week refund policy. (new students only) We must be notified by the specified date, otherwise you are responsible for the full tuition whether or not your child continues. (please refer to Registration Info page for dates, fees and refund policy) There are no refunds or credits for missed classes.


There is a $30 non-refundable registration fee for the school year September-June and a $20 non-refundable registration fee for the Summer . You can join at anytime. Tuition will be pro-rated if you have missed the first two classes. Registration specials are offered twice a year for present enrolled students and their siblings. No refunds or credits for prorated classes or registration specials.

Trial Classes

Due to Covic-19  as of now, there are no trials being scheduled during the summer semester. 

Trial classes are offered to New students (a child that has never taken a class at Tumble Bee) for a $10 Fee. Trial classes are available in August (for the Fall semester) January (for the Spring semester ) May (for the Summer semester)
New students who wish to start classes during a semester may try their first class to make sure they like it. Then register after. The $10 fee will be credited towards their tuition .  There are no refunds or credits once you have tried and registered.
Please call for days and times. All trials must be scheduled in advance.


Due to Covid-19 as of now, there are no makeups for the summer semester.

Make-ups must be scheduled in advance and are limited to the current semester (2 per semester). They cannot be carried over to another semester. All make-ups scheduled will be counted whether attended or not.

Weather Closings

We will leave closing information on our answering machine at 8:30 am for morning classes and update the message at 2:00 pm for afternoon classes. We do follow the school districts for closings but sometimes weather permitting we may stay open.

Proper Attire

Please wear comfortable gym clothes. We suggest shorts, sweatpants or a leotard. Hair must be pulled back away from the face with clips and/or a scrunchie. For your safety, please do not wear large, over sized T-shirts, dresses, jeans or long baggy pants. It is important that we see your feet, so do not wear tights. No jewelry. Children are bare feet only, parents no shoes. Gym shoes are now available to order!! Please see a manager at the desk .


Due to Covid-19 No Siblings or extra people allowed in the gym until further notice.

No siblings in the gym during class. They may watch through the windows from our waiting room. DO NOT BRING YOUR SICK CHILD OR A SICK SIBLING TO THE GYM. You can always schedule a make-up. The Tumble Bee Staff and your classmates appreciate your cooperation.

Cell Phones

For safety reasons, cell phone usage other than an emergency is prohibited during parent participation classes. You are here to enjoy your child .

Open Gym

Due to Covid-19 Open Gym has been cancelled until further notice.

Open gym is offered to our registered students attending our Toddler through Tumble-Bee classes (for FREE) and their pre-school siblings 4 yrs and under  for a $10 fee. ( siblings cannot be in Kindergarten). This is a thank you from all of us at Tumble Bee for your loyalty, patronage and trust in us with your children throughout the years. You may come to Open Gym once a week . You must fill out a consent/release form for each child and yourself to participate . Each week you must sign in and out . We need to know who is in the gym at all times. Sorry we have to say this but ….Unacceptable behavior will not be tolerated. Please abide by the safety rules. Especially, one at a time on the equipment, must go feet first down all slides and hills, no diving into the ball pit and no flipping on any apparatus . We want it to be fun & safe for everyone!!!!