Fun and Fit Summer 2015 Schedule

Kindergarten Gym

This class is designed for kindergarten students that are 5 or 6 years of age. Fun & Fit Kids Progressive program is introduced. (60 minutes)

School Age

Level 1 : This class offers The Fun & Fit  developmental and progressive gymnastics in a safe, positive, and fun environment for boys and girls ages 6 – 12. . (60 minutes)

Pre Young Advanced

Level 2 — is for the young progressing gymnast. Fun & Fit Level 1 must be completed before working on level 2. Ages 6-12  (60 minutes)

Skill Camp   (Summer Only)

This class is not only for our Young Advanced or Team kids . This class is offered  for those students wishing to take advantage of the summer to work on those skills needed to finish your level.  It will also keep you in shape for September !

Young Advanced & Team


This class is called Skill Camp for the Summer  (register in the orange box above)