Fun & Fit 5-12 years

The schedule is subject to changes. Class sizes are limited due to distancing & the number of people permitted in the facility. We will do our best to accommodate everyone. If you do not see a day or time you can attend, please let us know.  If possible, we will be happy to add another class time ( min 6 children to open a new class)    Register early!

Private Classes are back by popular demand!   Please call for more details if interested. 

Reminder:   The $35  annual non-refundable Registration fee for the Fall 2021 – Spring 2022 classes will be posted to your account before payment is charged. 




Kindergarten Gym

This class is designed for kindergarten students that are 5 or 6 years of age. It offers more listening and critical thinking skills, including gymnastics skills, combinations, and short routines from our Fun & Fit Program. The emphasis is on learning through fun and participation. The children will receive their first Fun & Fit charts, this is for you to see what we are teaching your child and to follow their progress. (60 minutes).

Kindergarten & School Age classes are listed together in the green grids.

School Age

Level 1 — This class offers developmental and progressive gymnastics in a safe, positive, and fun environment for boys and girls ages 6 – 12. Each class works on skills and combinations from the Fun & Fit Program. Children will perform these skills for parents and friends at the last class. Children must begin on level 1 of our Fun & Fit Program, and once level 1 is completed, they will move to level 2, the Pre-Young Advanced class. (60 minutes).

Fall 2021 September 17th – January 22nd

Spring 2022  January 30th – June 7th


Invitation Only Classes

(1 1/2 hrs.) The following classes are by invitation only. You must earn your spot in the group by demonstrating your commitment to the practices and ability due to the difficulty of the skills . We still have a lot of fun but these classes are for the serious gymnasts who want to learn more.

Young Advanced

(1 1/4 hrs.) This class prepares the student for Team Tumble-Bee. You must have finished Fun & Fit level 2 to be invited to join this class. This class will be working on Fun & Fit level 3.

Young Advanced & Team are listed together in the yellow grids.


(1 1/4 hrs.) For the serious gymnast. Must be almost done with Fun & Fit level 3 and working on 4-6 All classes will work on routines and combinations which will be performed for parents and friends at the last class in June. Young Advanced and Team will also be invited to perform at our Annual Exhibition in May.


Fall 2021  September 17th – January 22nd

Spring 2022 January 30th-June 7th

The spring registration will open on November 1st

December 1st for the general public

Fun & Fit Gymnastics

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The Fun & Fit Gymnastics Program is a nationally recognized teaching system that is very popular with kids and parents, and is being used by gyms all around the country. The kids love getting the stars, certificates, and recognition, while the parents see how the program not only teaches gymnastics, but also increases self-confidence and self-esteem giving their children valuable goal setting skills. All Kindergarten Gym and School Age Gymnastics students will receive a poster to take home and put on their wall. The poster contains skills that are appropriate for the child’s ability level, and match a curriculum card that the instructors have on each child. There are separate curriculum levels for children enrolled in Kindergym (5 yrs-6 yrs) and Progressive Boys/Girls (school age gymnastics 6yrs and up). On check off days, your child needs to know what the skill is and be able to demonstrate the skill 3 times in order to be checked off. The following week they will receive stars to put on their posters for all the skills they have mastered. Each child is challenged and progresses at their own pace. The Fun and Fit Program let’s you know what we are teaching your children and how they are progressing. As each level is completed, your child will receive a certificate and a large star with their name on it to be put on our Fun and Fit Wall!!!