Tumble Bee Staff




Meet your Tumble Bee Staff :



Cheryl – Owner ,  Fun & Fit Program Director

 I love my awesome staff!  They are the best ! Everyone is so dedicated  to making sure you have the best programs, parties, gym set ups and customer service !

Belinda – Pre- School Program Director , Gym/Office Manager

Jaclyn –  Gym / Office Manager

Marie -Y/A & Team Manager

Ava – Saturday Class  & Party  Manager

Allison-  Sunday Class & Party Manager,


Janet, Izzy,  Lindsey, Amanda , Eilish ,Patrick, Madison, Anjali, Venus & Denise

New Trainees: Emily,Julianna, Ariella, Val, Madeline,& Ashley

We love when Kelsey, Melanie & Carly  come home from school to help us out!










 Staff Bowling Party Sept 2013 !! We had a great time!


My busy little bees having fun before the new semester begins!


Bowling Party